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India’s Phenomenon called Arvind Kejriwal
October 15, 2012

FLORIANO LOBO  | When I went to the Manoshanti Hotel in Panjim, some few years ago, to listen to this… Read Full Article

Hasta la vista Gracinda Braganza – a tribute to my teacher
August 22, 2012

FLORIANO LOBO  |Gracinda Braganza ( written Ce’ Cidilla Ah’ for za) was my class teacher in St. Xavier’s High School,… Read Full Article

Matanhy Saldanha and I
March 22, 2012

FLORIANO LOBO  | It was in the mid-seventies that a classmate of mine in St. Xavier’s College, Bastora (1965-1968), who… Read Full Article

Goa BJP Government must pass Special Status for Goa Resolution within 3 months
March 8, 2012

FLORIANO LOBO  |  The Goa Su-Raj Party congratulates the Goa BJP for attaining the magic figure of 21 on its… Read Full Article

The Protector of Goa
December 1, 2011

FLORIANO LOBO  |  The Feast of the ‘Patron Saint’ of Goa is fast approaching with a few days left. ‘Goemcho… Read Full Article

Denotification of land at Dabolim, time for the Navy to go
November 13, 2011

FLORIANO LOBO | Submit The controversy regarding the denotification of the land earlier acquired from one ‘Bernard Costa’ seems to… Read Full Article

A new page in Goa’s history is about to be written – Hurrah!
May 25, 2011

FLORIANO LOBO |  Submit Indeed, true Goans will be shortly celebrating KONKANI’s victory over Marathi Mauxi’s influence which hitherto for… Read Full Article

Visionaries must make laws, not parents of primary schoolchildren
March 27, 2011

FLORIANO LOBO | Somebody must make laws. Not all can decide what they want and what is good for them…. Read Full Article

Ramblings on Goa Democratic Front
January 29, 2011

FLORIANO LOBO | I am just back from the Mapusa Taxi Stand, my curiosity having gotten the better of me…. Read Full Article

Mapusa’s civil society wakes up to its city’s dire needs
September 26, 2010

FLORIANO LOBO  |  It has never happened before in the history of Goa since 1961. A Panchayat or a Municipality… Read Full Article