About Us

This website is not a news portal. This website www.targetgoa.in is an attempt to take news items and link them to issues that affect the whole bunch of us in this loveliest of all states – Goa.

Information is a funny thing, we forget what we read and remember it when it is too late. I try to jog memories by linking past events to present news so we can protect ourselves in the future. And I give my opinion. And the opinion of others too.

But all is not heavy, save Goa  chest-thumping stuff. targetgoa.com also gives you entertainment available in Goa. It could be parties, or seminars, or competitions – anything that’s happening today, tomorrow or in the near future.

And just to show you that Goans are a superb bunch of people we carry Nice News too – happy stuff of triumphs and joys.

The Business Directory contains listings of establishments you might need while staying in Goa.

We want you to enjoy targetgoa.com.  It’s yours. It’s mine. It’s ours. So send your opinions/reactions/ideas to editor@targetgoa.com . Do not send attachments. Paste your content in the email itself.

Or better still comment directly at the bottom of any of the articles on targetgoa.in


Bevinda Collaco

Owner and Editor